Our full color catalog, of all made in the USA parts has everything you need to make your facility safe, and as sharp as any in the country. We have everything you will ever need packed into our full service line of products.

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Safety is our number 1 goal!!!  We are your friend

We will assess your individual situation, and set up a plan, maybe your budget supports it now, maybe a 3 year or 5 year plan, to make your facility compliant with the current safety regulations

Our Inspection Services start with a FREE Consultation with your key facility coordinators, we will come in and do an assessment of your facility, and show you where improvements can be made.


The athletic equipment industry has generally been focused on new construction with little regard for servicing athletic equipment that may have been installed for several years.  As a result, many gymnasiums and athletic facilities have been, for the most part, neglected when it comes to service and regularly scheduled inspections.


In order to address this situation, Russell Brands, LLC, owner of the Spalding trademark("Spalding"), has developed a program that provides gymnasium and facility inspections for athletic facilities.  That is where Arkansas Athletic Innovations comes  in.  We are pleased to team up with Spalding on this excellent opportunity, to help each and every facility to become SAFE and compliant.  


Arkansas Athletic Innovations, LLC provides the inspection service to schools; churches; parks and recreation departments; state and local government agencies.  Arkansas Athletic Innovations has worked directly with Spalding for over a decade, and received hands on training, and been certified by Spalding instructors.


Ceiling and wall-mounted equipment can be highly technical because of the mechanical and engineering requirements of this equipment.  As a result, there is a need for a reliable source that can help prioritize maintenance, make repairs, and/or replacement decision, and select the correct product for an application.  Certified Spalding Gym Pro dealers can be your source for these reccomendtion and decisions.


Spalding, and Arkansas Athletic Innovations, through the Gym Pro program is leading the way to help bring service back into gymnasiums and athletic facilities.  All Spalding products  are driven by quality and offer long lasting athletic performance that people have come to expect when they choose Spalding.